3 Signs That You Need A New Garage Door

Garage doors help to make our daily lives easier. However, if your garage door is not functioning as well as it used to, it might be time to get a replacement. It is natural for garage doors to become worn over the years. They are also easily damaged by sunlight and weather. Here are a few signs that you need a new garage door:

Sections Are Bent or Sagging

The panels of a new garage door will be flush against each other. However, these sections can become bent and worn over the years. You may also notice that a section is sagging which can be caused by structural damage. If any part of your garage door is damaged, bent or sagging, you should consider getting a replacement.

Furthermore, it is sometimes possible that these issues can be repaired, although the repair may not last as long as it would if you have a replacement. While there are several options to consider if sections of your garage door are damaged, getting a replacement is probably the safest route.

Your Energy Bills Have Increased

Most homeowners are very concerned with energy conservation. If your energy bills have recently increased, this could be a sign that you need a garage door replacement. A lot of heat transfer occurs in your garage. With a garage door replacement, you can help to lower your energy bills and also keep your home warm. Additionally, this can help to improve the performance of your HVAC system.

Also, most of the newer garage doors have a better insulation system. This will help keep your home warm and also cut down on your energy bills. Having an insulated garage door makes it easier to control the temperature inside your home. It also protects the items that are stored inside your garage from becoming damaged due to the outside temperatures.

It’s Become Difficult to Open or Close

When your garage door becomes difficult to open or close, this is a sign that you need a replacement. A garage door that is working properly shouldn’t have any problem opening or closing. You can improve its performance by having a garage door replacement. This will also make your garage door safer for you and your family.


It is important to know when your garage door needs to be replaced. A damaged garage door can become a safety hazard. However, there are several ways to tell when you need a new garage door. If you have noticed that your energy bills have increased, this could be a sign that your garage door isn’t functioning properly. Additionally, if there are sections of your garage door that are damaged, this is also a sign that you need a replacement. To learn more about when you need a garage door replacement, visit Island Overhead Doors. Here you will find professionals who are ready to help you with everything you need and can provide you with quality garage doors.

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