5 Common Garage Door Issues that Homeowners Must Know

Your garage door is there to keep your garage safe and protected. It’s a convenient addition to your property, but it can be a huge pain when it gives out issues. Although the doors’ operation is rather simple, you can still encounter many problems along the way that may hamper its functionality. Fortunately, most of these issues can be repaired quickly and efficiently.


In this article, we will share five common issues with garage doors that you may encounter during your homeownership experience:



  1. Safety Issues


Let’s face it; automatic garage doors can be “safety time bombs.” This is because there have been many tragic stories of garage doors injuring and even killing pets or children. The good news is that the latest models of overhead doors come with innovative mechanisms that help significantly reduce these accidents from happening. Yet, that doesn’t mean safety issues are immediately overcome.


A garage door that isn’t properly maintained may be more at risk of malfunctioning; the same goes for old garage doors. For this reason, it’s crucial that you ensure your overhead door is maintained well. As for old garage doors, you should consider a replacement because it’s a matter of safety for your household members.


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  1. Security Issues


Your garage may not seem like the first thing you’ll secure in your home. However, this area of your house is more valuable than you might expect. For one, when the door is damaged or not maintained adequately, it can serve as an access point to your house, which thieves can take advantage of. Additionally, it’s likely that you have some valuable items in your garage, such as high-end tools and other belongings.


  1. Worn-Out Door


When you maintain your overhead door properly, you can expect it to last for years. On the other hand, if neglected, the garage door could easily prematurely fail, and you will have to eventually replace it. With our high-end products, you will be able to rest easy knowing that our products will last you many years, so you don’t think about costly repairs anytime soon!


  1. Worn-Out Springs


The reason your garage doors can be raised and lowered with only a few pounds of force is because of the springs. However, the springs are more exposed to pressure, which is why they will wear out eventually. This is a common issue that most homeowners don’t realize until they can’t raise or lower their garage doors anymore.


When you notice that the garage door opener is heavier to lift by hand, or you struggle operating it, it’s likely the springs are wearing out and you need to replace them.


  1. Faulty Openers


Homeowners depend on their garage doors more than they think they do. Another common problem with overhead doors is a faulty opener, in which you find yourself stuck inside or outside because you can’t open the garage door.


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The secret to ensuring your garage door lasts for a long time is to get it right, even from the start. You can avoid these issues when you have a good quality garage door and combine it with regular maintenance. On the other hand, if you need to repair your overhead door, only purchase quality parts to ensure that they last for as long as expected!


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