5 Ways to Take Care of Your Garage Door

Your garage door is often one of the main focal points of your home’s exterior. Showing your door some love can not only extend the life of your door but can increase your home’s curb appeal. Here are five ways to take care of your garage door, from routine maintenance to cleaning tips.

Check the Hardware

Your garage door includes many metal parts including hinges, nuts and bolts, and rollers. You should examine these parts to ensure that there are no issues. Check for rust, and tighten any loose roller brackets or bolts. Also, make sure the rollers aren’t chipped or cracked and replace them if they are. The hardware is what holds your garage door together and in place, so make sure you address any issues before they lead to bigger problems.

Wash the Windows

Many doors come installed with windows across the top of the door. Dirt, dust, and other materials can build up on these windows causing damage or leaving behind permanent residue. So it’s important to make sure to clean the windows at least annually. In addition, including a full wash and clean of the entire door during your spring cleaning cycle is another way to extend the life of your door.

Inspect the Tracks

Keeping your garage door’s tracks in good condition is essential to making sure the door opens and closes smoothly. You should regularly inspect the tracks for bends, cracks, or other damage. Issues with the tracks can cause the door to get stuck or fall, which can be a potential safety hazard. So it’s important to get any problems checked out by a professional.


If you hear loud, scraping metal noises every time you open your garage door, lack of lubrication is likely to blame. In most doors, the chain or screw that opens the door needs to be lubricated annually. The best way to do this is with spray-on white lithium grease. It’s also a good idea to use a cleaner or lubricant on the overhead springs once a year as well. This is a simple way to keep your garage door opening smoothly and extend its life.

Look for Damage

It’s also important to inspect the door itself. Garage doors are exposed to the elements, so it’s natural that they will deteriorate over time. Check wooden doors for chips, water damage, or warping. Metal doors may have rusted patches that need to be repaired. Also look for peeling paint or any other damage.

Routine inspection and maintenance on your garage door will help prevent the development of bigger problems that could force you to replace the whole door. However, if your garage door is irreparably damaged, or if you’re just looking for a change, Island Overhead Doors can help. To explore your garage door options, visit our website or contact us today.

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