We Install and Service All Types of Commercial Garage Doors

As a business, shop, or warehouse owner/manager, you have to have your inventory, tools, equipment, and vehicles safe at all times. That means doors, gates, fences, and sliding grills that are solid and functional. They need to stand up to the elements, and keep out problems. You need them to work right, every time, to keep your company flowing, supply chain on time, and employees and customers safe.

Commercial Garage Doors

Your Commercial Overhead Door is an Integral Part of Your Depot

At Island Overhead Door Ltd. we take our business customers very seriously, because we know how critical any closure system you employ at your property is to your bottom line. We know that it needs to function as flawlessly as possible, and has to stand up to the wear and tear of commercial use. Our installation teams and service staff are highly trained in all phases of every type of commercial installed product we carry, whether it is roll down steel doors, track and slide run gates, or closure grilles. We know that when a door or gate is down it means time lost for personnel keeping the area safe, and increased risk of shrink. That is why we prioritize our commercial accounts for installation at times convenient to your warehouse or plant, and repairs as soon as they can be scheduled. We want to keep Nanaimo and Campbell River businesses in business, because we are local, just like you.

Our Services

garage door installation

When you decide to install a garage door, whether during a new build or have need to replace an old one, it is an investment.

garage door repair

At Island Overhead Door Ltd. we know that a stuck, non-functional, or uncooperative garage door can be a big problem.

driveway gates

We pride ourselves in creative and secure automatic gate solutions for any application.

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Island Overhead Door Offers a Wide Range of Commercial Closure Solutions

Not every commercial space that needs protected needs a door. By that we mean there are a variety of possible closure solutions that can solve your protection needs that may be more space, cost, or use friendly. We offer standard overhead doors, steel roll down bay doors, steel grille roll and slide systems, mini-storage doors and other ways to close and secure space.

Commercial applications sometimes need creative solutions in our local historical buildings, especially when one is being retrofitted for another purpose and space needs to be divided, or old exterior doors or gates replaced. Many of these old structures, due to dimensions, building materials, or earlier construction that provides challenges, need unique solutions that are both cost effective and closure efficient. We have a close working relationship and are dealers for one of the top closure design firms that custom designs, engineers, and builds exactly what you need to fit, anchor, and use in your building. Contact us via phone or contact form, and we will set up a convenient time to meet with you, your building committee, or your architect and general contractor to discuss how we can help solve your secured closure needs while keeping you on schedule, in budget, and the final result aesthetically pleasing.


We Provide the Best Service in the Industry​

Our Bids For New Industrial Build Steel High Quality Garage Doors At Competitive Prices

Island Overhead Door Ltd. has been serving Nanaimo, Campbell River, Duncan, Port Alberni, and the surround area commercial establishments since 1979. We have many years of experience providing bids and meeting specs for projects of all sizes. We take pride in having a sharp pencil while providing some of the best quality commercial door, gate, grille, and fence products available in the Pacific Northwest. Let us make a bid on your next commercial job, whether it is an entire warehouse of overhead steel roll downs, a mall of shutters or grilles, or the ornate decorative but secure entry gate on your development. You will find our professionalism, transparency, and attention to detail refreshing. We deliver on time, and everything we do is fully guaranteed. We believe in local business supporting each other through fair and honest practices. Give us a call to schedule a time to discuss your commercial garage door or property closure needs.

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