Damage Free Decorating Tips for Your Garage Door

For many homeowners, one thing that adds to the stress of holidays is ensuring that their house stands out in the neighbourhood by putting up amazing lights and holiday decorations. But not all people are like this and would instead just decorate their garages by hanging lights and ornaments on their garage doors.


If going all out to decorate your home for the holidays isn’t your thing, sprucing up your garage door would be just fine, but it can also be a bit challenging.


Are you thinking of decorating your garage doors? You’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll share with you our damage-free design decoration secrets that you can use to help you give your garage the perfect holiday look. Keep reading!


  1. Use magnets


If you’re not very keen on sticking adhesives on your garage doors, and if your doors can hold magnets, use these to hold up decorations instead. You can hold up simple stars, snowflakes, and other holiday symbols on your door with magnets to give your garage a fresh holiday look.


This tip is particularly ideal if your garage door is made of steel, making the use of magnets the perfect solution for hanging ornaments without causing any damage.


  1. Use clips instead of nails


Do you want to hang lights on your garage doors? It’s best to stay away from tools that will cause abrasions and cracks on your garage doors, such as nails or staples. These can damage your trip and the insulation around its wiring.


If your garage door isn’t made of steel and you can’t use magnets to hold lights up, an excellent way to decorate your door without causing any damage is by using outdoor light clips. These tools don’t require nails and screws; instead, they use a strong adhesive that you can remove after the holidays, giving you lesser door damage.


  1. Hang lights from the gutters


If you don’t want anything on your garage doors but still want some decoration in that area, look up because your gutters can help you solve this decoration problem.


Most people don’t think that gutters have an aesthetic purpose in their homes. But now that the holidays are coming up, you can use them for another purpose. If you have a perfectly undamaged and robust gutter above your garage door, try hanging lights using light clips on the gutters instead of your garage doors.




Now that you know some of our damage-free decorating tips, you have no reason not to put up any holiday decorations on your garage door. If you need assistance with your garage doors, it’s best to call a reputable door company, such as Island Overhead Door, specializing in commercial and residential doors and gates and can help you install decorative hardware. Ensure your house doesn’t get left behind during the holiday season, and start decorating your garage door.


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