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If you have ever owned a property with driveway gates, you know that they can be one of the nicest things you own, or can be a challenge. Too often metal driveway gates can be a point of frustration, or concern if it is going to work like it should “this time” especially when the weather is bad. Many things affect the proper action and operation of a gate, including gate design and weight, how it was installed and hangs, and most of all, the automatic gate opener system. It is important to also note that the right gate for the location has to installed in the correct manner. Some applications are perfect for a wide swing gate, and others need a sliding gate to accommodate a tight turn in radius or other space concerns. Hiring a qualified supplier and installer of automated gates can solve a myriad of challenges for your automatic gate project before they happen. 

A driveway gate is not just an obstruction or inconvenience; they serve as security and privacy safeguards for homeowners with large properties who need access control without taking up space on their driveways. There are many driveway gates that offer a variety of different styles, colors and materials. You can find them in wrought iron or aluminum. It’s important to consider the gate you want before buying it so you know what will work best for your home. No matter if you have a small lot or large estate, our team can provide custom solutions tailored specifically to meet your requirements. Whether you want a traditional swing-style gate or something more ornamental, there’s sure to be one here that will suit all of your needs and preferences. Call today to speak with one of our experts about how we can make sure all entrances into your home are protected.

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Why Are Automated Gates Sometimes a Challenge?

One of the biggest issues with having an automatic gate installed is how well the company that is doing your job knows the climate and conditions of your area. At Island Overhead Door Ltd., we always walk a client’s potential site before providing a free quote for any gate installation. Our many years of experience combined with being local offers us an edge to catch potential issues in a property layout, access and egress, or location before it becomes a headache. Things like a clear line of signal are critical for an automatic gate opener installation. The ground surface also makes a difference, especially if your application requires sliding driveway gates instead of a swing gate. We will even ask if you have pets that need to stay in or pesky animals that need to be kept out when we measure and assess the best product and type of automatic gate for your particular property and needs.

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What You Need Is a Good Functioning Driveway Gate

Gates and gate openers tend to be affected by wind, moisture, lightning, power surges, and general terrain challenges. They also need to be well manufactured and finished to hold up to changes in weather, warm and dry summer sun, and the occasional winter windblasts that happen in our area. Those are all reasons that solid, reliable, proven over time in our conditions materials and parts need to be used in every gate opener installation in the greater Vancouver Island region. Island Overhead Door Ltd. has been in business installing overhead garage doors, aluminum fences and gates, automatic gate openers, and a wide range of commercial securing equipment since 1979. We don’t want you caught out in the wind or rain having to open a gate or door when the automatic system mysteriously fails. We are dealers for a number of companies, all with tried and true histories of quality materials and long serviceability.

Sliding Steel Driveway Gates Operator Solve Space Problems

Among the wonderful things about Vancouver Island are the many picturesque historical properties in the area. Some of those neighborhoods have narrow streets with limited access to the drive servicing a home or business. In many of those situations a traditional swing gate requires too much space to operate fully, limiting the choices for a secure, protective gate installation. Other challenges are in agricultural applications where a swing gate could afford more chances for livestock to escape or damage to occur to surrounding crops.  A sliding driveway gate that tucks itself away automatically might be a great solution to those property layout challenges.

Sliding gates move side-to-side, often moving behind a building, or through a hedge. If a property is fenced it is especially easy to utilize a sliding fence with an automatic opener to facilitate ease of entry and exit beside a building, row of trees, or other fixed object. Space efficient automated gates also solve the tugging and pulling of a heavy gate in inclement weather, and assure your property is protected. Call Island Overhead Door Ltd. for a visit by our experienced staff of installers. They can assess your particular needs and offer a free quote to install the best automatic gate solution for your home or property.

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Need Custom Driveway Gates? We Can Help

Many local gate installations would benefit from custom design. It might include specialized steel work, extra secure panels or materials, an unusual shape or size, or even the colors that need to match company requirements, local ordinance, or building aesthetics. In higher security operations it could include specialized touch pads or other technology features to make sure access to your building or property only happens when and by whom you want. Call or send in the contact form for a free walk of your project. We will meet with the personnel from your operation that can share what you need, and we will then create a custom quote for your particular application. We pride ourselves in creative and secure overhead door and automatic gate solutions for any application. We have the experience to deliver quality workmanship at an affordable price. For more information about our services or if you would like to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians.

Importace of Driveway at your property

Driveway gates are a necessity for every homeowner. They help to keep your property safe and secure, as well as provide an increased sense of security in the home. There is nothing more annoying than forgetting to lock up on your way out or coming back from vacation only to find that you can’t get inside because someone has been tampering with the garage door opener. Griveway gates are an important part of your property because they help keep intruders out and protect you from fires, and they also add to the aesthetics of your home. They can make sure that you have the privacy and security that you need, while still allowing you to enjoy the outdoors. Griveway gates are an essential part of any home’s security system. With the use of high-quality material, they will last for many years to come and provide a sense of safety for your loved ones. The right driveways provide an attractive and welcoming first impression before visitors even come inside. 

As you can see, driveway gate is a big deal and the right decision for your home will be one of the most important ones you make. We hope we have helped to open up some knowledge about this process. And if you’re still unsure what type of surface would best suit both your needs and budget, our team at Island Overhead Doors are happy to help you. We have been serving homeowners since 1979 with an emphasis on quality workmanship, dependability, and timely service. With our knowledgeable staff eager to serve you in any way possible, there’s never been a better time than now to contact us. We will walk you through what you need to know about this type of gate before choosing one that is best suited for your needs.

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