Quality Garage Door Installation at a Reasonable Price

One of the first things noticed about your home on a drive-by is your garage – the door, that is. Your garage door determines a lot about the street appeal and aesthetic of your house overall, as well as the care you take in maintaining a safe and attractive property.

Contractor repair and replace garage door. Garage door installation

People notice when a garage door is damaged, lacks paint, does not fit properly, or is simply worn out.  If you need a new garage door installed during the construction phase, or an older door replaced, call Island Overhead Door Ltd. We are experts in the right garage door at the most reasonable price anywhere in the Nanaimo region.

Our Services

garage door installation

When you decide to install a garage door, whether during a new build or have need to replace an old one, it is an investment.

garage door repair

At Island Overhead Door Ltd. we know that a stuck, non-functional, or uncooperative garage door can be a big problem.

driveway gates

We pride ourselves in creative and secure automatic gate solutions for any application.

Quality Garage Door Installation Should Start With Quality Overhead Doors

When you decide to install a garage door, whether during a new build or have need to replace an old one, it is an investment. The door should be the best quality with the features that serve you best, and the company you choose to have do the work should inquire and listen to your needs. They then should be able to make valuable suggestions within your budget about the available choices of style, range of materials, opener features, and other factors that determine the appearance, durability, and look of your new door. Those things also will determine the range of prices for doors that meet your needs. An honest, reputable company with a long history of satisfied customers to supply and install your door is important. At Island Overhead Door you will find a professional, experienced staff that pride themselves in workmanship and providing value to our customers.

We Provide the Best Service in the Industry​

When You Need Multiple Garage Doors Installation, Call Us

When multiple garage doors are involved in a project, it multiplies the need for a professional installation team to do the job. Garage doors are heavy and bulky, making them difficult to handle. They also have multiple parts that must be installed exactly right or your new doors will not operate properly. Garage doors also tend to take up space – a lot of space – during the installation process. Our team can take care of multiple door installations quickly, usually in the same day, with full clean up after. Your doors are installed so they function at peak performance, even if they have to be set in sequences, utilize special locks or other security devices, or interface with multi-function openers. Call Island Overhead and let us give you a free quote. You will find our prices very reasonable and you will receive outstanding service for your multiple door installation projects.

Overhead Door Installation Is Not Easy

Garage doors all have one thing in common – they are cumbersome and difficult to handle. It is easy to damage one during the installation phase and challenging to get them to flow properly on the tracks. It takes experience and finesse to install a garage door so it works perfectly every time. It is even more challenging when an installation requires multiple doors, sometimes with shared opener functions. Doors are costly, so damaging one not only takes time to reorder the door, it also requires a considerable expense for its replacement.

Rather than take the chance of a garage door being damaged, or worse, injuring the unprepared installer, we strongly suggest for safety and expense sake to hire us to install your garage doors.  The doors will be installed quickly and correctly so they operate with ease. Well-aligned doors last longer, do not put wear and tear on opening mechanisms, and stay straight. They do not catch, causing damage to the frame or door. When you need a quality overhead garage door installation done, call or contact Island Overhead Door Ltd. for a free quote. We are locally owned and licensed, and have been installing Nanaimo’s doors since 1979.

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