Quality Garage Door Openers Make Entry and Exit a Breeze

At Island Overhead Door, Ltd., we believe making your entry and exit from or to your home, office, or shop should be easy. It should not be frustrating or cause stress or delays. That is why we take so much care with both the companies we offer garage door openers from, and how we install those same openers.

Man standing on a ladder fixing a mechanical garage door opener

We know that you are going somewhere and do not need to be stopped, stymied, or stressed over a garage door that hangs up the door, does not operate properly when activated, or other issues. A professionally installed, quality garage opener product should make your coming in and going out easy. We only use the best manufacturers in the industry, and we stand behind our products and installation 100%. Call us or drop your information in our contact form, and we will get right back to you to provide a free quote for the best garage door opener and installation in the greater Vancouver Island area.

Our Services

garage door installation

When you decide to install a garage door, whether during a new build or have need to replace an old one, it is an investment.

garage door repair

At Island Overhead Door Ltd. we know that a stuck, non-functional, or uncooperative garage door can be a big problem.

driveway gates

We pride ourselves in creative and secure automatic gate solutions for any application.

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Trust Garage Door Openers Installation Only To Reputable Installers

When hiring a garage door opener installation service, it is extremely important to check the reputation and longevity of the company. Your garage door opener is most often a technologically activated device. That technology, the codes that run your particular device, and your client information is proprietary and confidential. At Island Overhead Door extra measures are taken to secure all information, including extra openers and the codes that control your particular device. Our many years in business in the greater Vancouver Island area speaks to how seriously we take our customer’s property and personal safety and security, and our reviews reflect our commitment. Since 1979 we have been the leading professionals called on to secure homes, businesses, terminals, warehouses, stores, shops, venues and institutions in the central VI area. Whether you are in Duncan, Nanaimo, Campbell River, Port Alberni or any other neighborhood on our beautiful Pacific Northwest island gem, you can be assured of discrete, secured, professional installation of your garage door opener and all its data.

We Provide the Best Service in the Industry​

It’s Best to Leave Door Openers Repair to a Pro

It is sad when we get a call to conduct a funeral for a garage door opener that someone attempted to repair that really did not understand the mechanics of these small but particular pieces of technology.  We have learned also that not all garage door opener companies know how to fix an errant opener, instead, they will tell you right off it has gone bad and try to sell you a new system. We don’t believe in doing business that way.

Just like our reasonable garage door installation cost, our opener diagnosis and repair service is very cost effective. In fact, we will always diagnose first to see if we can fix the problem, as often it is as simple as a dead battery or a chain or cable off-track. As local business owners we believe in treating our clients, who are also our friends and neighbors, like we would like to be treated – fairly. That includes repairing items that can be fixed to good, serviceable condition. It is also why we only sell quality garage door openers in the first place, so you do not end up with expensive repairs or replacement charges when you least expect them. Leave the electronics and signal fixing to us. Call us 24/7 for emergency needs or to schedule a garage door opener repair by the #1 reputable professionals in the area, Island Overhead Door Ltd.

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