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Have you checked the batteries on your garage door opener of late? Looked at the sweep (door seal that touches the floor) to see if that puddle after a rain is coming in under the door? Does the door sound like an animal in pain screeching when it is opened due to no lubrication? Regular maintenance solves a lot of problems that can result in a jammed, stuck, or non-functioning garage door.

Garage door repair nanoose

Garage doors never fail, stick, or die, when it is convenient. It is always when you are late for work and have to drop the kids off to school, or there are monsoon rains moving in. The door won’t go down and seal, or won’t open at all. Of course your car is in the garage and you cannot get to the manual pull cord to deactivate the locking mechanism on the opener, allowing you to hand raise the door. That assumes, of course, you are strong enough to even pull the cord to release it!  Garage doors are big beasts, and taming them is our specialty.

At Island Overhead Door Ltd. we know that a stuck, non-functional, or uncooperative garage door can be a big problem. It is frustrating and often leaves your home or business vulnerable to uninvited sticky fingered visitors or critters looking for a nice warm nesting spot. Many problems are simple to fix, such as a bad battery, deprogrammed opener, electric eye being blocked, or something popped the door off track. Other times it can be something more time consuming. Our teams are trained to get you in, out, and safe with a repaired door or opener as fast as possible. Call us for inexpensive routine maintenance to prevent things from becoming an emergency call and getting stranded, or worse.

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When you decide to install a garage door, whether during a new build or have need to replace an old one, it is an investment.

garage door repair

At Island Overhead Door Ltd. we know that a stuck, non-functional, or uncooperative garage door can be a big problem.

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We pride ourselves in creative and secure automatic gate solutions for any application.

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Garage Doors Spring Repair is Not For The Faint of Heart

Garage doors are big, heavy, and cumbersome. They ride on tracks and if they are lubricated and set properly, they glide easily. That also means you do not want to get caught below a door that is unlocked from the safety catch as overhead doors have a bad habit of sliding down due to gravity because most tracks are on a slight angle to facilitate movement and clearance on the curve at the top of the door. It is especially important for anyone unable to easily handle or stop a falling door, such as an elderly person or child. Pets getting caught or a roll back onto the back end of a car not pulled in far enough is also an issue. If the safety catch is not the free rolling issue, it could be a failure of the main door spring, cable, or chain, depending on which your door has.

Professional Garage Door Repair Prevents Damage and Injuries

Depending on which mechanical parts open your door, the thing that lifts the door can be a spring, cable, or in some older systems, a chain drive. Any of these has the potential for injuring an unwary person in their path, or someone trying to repair the door that really does not realize what they are trying to tackle. Cables snap leaving dangling and sometimes whipping around very sharp ends. They also are long enough they can easily cut through the finish on your car leaving a nasty deep scratch.

Springs also can snap, or become unhooked. A garage door spring is nothing for the inexperienced to contend with as they can actually be dangerous. They are large and under a lot of tension, and it takes considerable muscle to put one back on. They also can easily seriously injure fingers, hands, arms, and upper body and face parts exposed when they win the tug of war they tend to enjoy. Chain drives can become bound, hang up on teeth in gears or wedge, or outright break. They are challenging to reinstall and a danger to fingers, especially. Please call us to take care of major mechanical part repairs for your overhead garage door. Service calls are reasonable and fast, and save you the aggravation and potential for injury to both you and your belongings.

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The Mystery of Garage Doors Opener Repair

One of the most bewildering and frustrating service calls we often receive pertains to overhead garage door repairs due to the opener. Thankfully many opener issues are related to the remote control, and often it is as simple as a battery change. Sometimes, though, you may come home to find your door mysteriously open. It can drive a person a bit strange trying to remember because you just know you shut the door and the kids were not home to leave it open. Often these mysteries are related to a radio signal that has popped up in your area. We can help you reprogram your remote, or come take care of it for you to solve these magical door operations. If the problem is more involved with the opener unit itself, our technicians can quickly diagnose the problem, and either fix it or obtain the necessary units to replace.

Island Overhead Door Ltd. Does Not Fit With the Usual Garage Door Repair Companies in Nanaimo BC

In business since 1979, we are proud to be your neighbors in Nanaimo and Campbell River. We know that people here are proud and work hard to make a living. That is why we always try to repair your garage door, garage door opener, or other components of any system we service before we declare it past its prime. Unlike many of our competitors, our company policy is providing what you need, not what we would like to sell you.  Repair and service is included in that, because often you simply do not need to be sold a new opener or door. We carry a full range of garage door repair parts, and if it is not in stock, our excellent partnerships with a wide range of suppliers allows us to get most anything you need very quickly. Our service calls are very reasonable, and any time your property is in jeopardy due to an issue with your door, sliding grille, roll down shutters and doors, or any other closure item we service, we prioritize your call. We want you, and your business or home, safe and secure. Call us for a free estimate for your repair needs and we will be right there.

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