Our Guide to Washing and Cleaning Your Garage Door

Many homeowners have garage doors installed in their residential properties. These doors are typically large and bulky to accommodate and protect automobiles or vehicles parked in the garage. These massive fixtures are usually made of metal, fiberglass, or wood materials, which can be manually or electronically closed and opened.


However, keep in mind that your garage door needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly. Doing so will ensure it remains in top shape and condition and will last for as long as possible. Also, practicing regular maintenance will retain its aesthetic beauty for the good of your residential property.


In this article, we’ll share with you how to wash and clean your garage door properly.


Key steps to follow in washing your garage door


Remember that garage door cleaning varies from one material to another. However, you may follow some general cleaning steps to maintain your garage doors for the most part. Here are the cleaning steps you should perform:


  • Initial preparation: Start by hosing down your door with a light spray.


  • Preparing the cleaning solution: Pour one cup of a cleaner mixed into five gallons of water for your soap solution.


  • Preparing the cleaning tool: Use a new sponge or a soft cloth to lather the solution onto the door.


  • Actual cleaning: When cleaning, start at the top and work your way to the bottom. Use the sponge or a soft cloth and soak it in the soap solution. From there, make gentle, circular strokes on the door’s surface to loosen up the dirt and grime.


  • Final step: Spray the door again with a light stream of water to rinse and allow it to dry naturally.


Top cleaning tips for your garage door


Now that you know how to wash your garage door, let’s cover some cleaning tips for some special areas:


Washing the windows: If there are windows installed in your garage, follow the cleaning steps below:


  • Remove any window inserts.
  • Use warm water to get rid of dirt, grime, and other debris.
  • Clean the windows using a mild dishwashing solution.
  • Wait for the window’s surface to dry.
  • Put the window inserts back.


Covering special areas: Remember that there are particular areas on your garage door you have to pay particular attention to. Here are some of these:


  • Door tracks: Clean them thoroughly as plenty of debris can get stuck here, whether dirt, dust, hair strands, or leaves.


  • Photo-eye sensors: Clean them fully so that they’ll have a clear visual path to each other and allow the door to close all the way.


  • Weatherstripping: Be sure to free the rubber from dirt and debris, as this element takes most of the responsibility for the garage’s climate control.




At this point, you now have a robust idea of how to wash your garage door and what special areas to cover when cleaning as well. To that end, be sure to follow the key steps outlined above for your washing guide, as all these will ensure a successful cleaning and maintenance. Ultimately, these will make your garage door visually appealing, highly functional, and last longer than usual!


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