Your Garage Door Won’t Go Down. Now What?

Many people have faced the problem of a garage door that won’t close properly. In many cases, this is a sign that there is something wrong with the safety sensor. However, there could be other causes such as the opener needing adjustment. There are a few steps you can take to fix the problem at home if you are able to determine the cause. However, if you are unsure of how to repair the issue, be sure to contact a trusted repair company.

Safety Sensor Misalignment

If your garage went up but won’t come down all the way, the safety sensor may need to be adjusted. A safety sensor is located on each side of the door. The sensors have lights, and if the lights are off or blinking, it means the beam that communicates to the opener that the door is clear to close isn’t aligned properly.

This can be fixed by realigning realigning the sensor. You can try loosening a knob or applying pressure to the metal bracket that holds it in place. Once the lights come back on or stop blinking, the door should be able to close again. However, remember that garage doors are heavy and it is extremely dangerous to be underneath a partially closed door. It is always safest to contact a professional.

Other Sensor Issues

If you frequently leave your garage door open, it is also possible that dust, dirt, or pollen have settled on the sensors. This could easily cause the door to not function properly. You can prevent this issue by regularly cleaning the sensors.

Additionally, it is possible that the vibrations the door makes are causing the sensors to malfunction. If this is the problem, you should tighten the sensor screws, You may also have to install a brace to prevent vibrations.

Travel Adjustment

When your garage door is closed, the weather stripping along the bottom of the door should be against the ground. If your door won’t come down this far, it can usually be fixed by adjusting the automatic opener. There are two knobs located inside the casing of the opener. The knobs control how far the door opens and how far it closes. You can adjust the knob that controls the closing of the door to lower it to the ground. However, you should always consider hiring a professional before making any adjustments yourself. If you adjust the knob too far, the door will try to close past the floor of your garage, potentially causing the track to bow.

There are several reasons why your garage door may not be closing properly. If any repairs or adjustments need to be made to your garage door, it is important to contact a professional before taking matters into your own hands. You can find a trusted professional at Island Overhead Doors. Our team is equipped with all the skills and tools necessary to get the job done. Contact us today!

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